Monthly payments and more news

Hello, everybody! Summer has finished and I have tons of ideas for autumn, starting from monthly payment plans. Let’s see what’s about to come.

Payment plans

I know that buying an expensive online course might be hard. That’s why I’ve introduced monthly payments. For my 2 learning paths, instead of paying the complete price immediately, you can choose a 6-month payment plan. This way, you’ll be able to dilute your purchase and access the course immediately.

Monthly payment plan example

Payment plans are available for my learning paths (Data pre-processing for machine learning in Python and Supervised machine learning in Python).

With monthly payments, I hope that more students can benefit from my courses.

Exploratory Data Analysis

I’m glad to announce that my Exploratory Data Analysis course is almost finished! I hope I can publish it within 2 months. EDA is a very important part of Data Science, that’s why I think it deserves a course by itself. In this course, I’ll cover all the topics about EDA and its applications before pre-processing.

Outliers and collinearity

I’m planning to add outliers handling and collinearity to my pre-processing learning path. They are an important part of a Data Science project and cannot be ignored if we want to do the right things.

A book about pre-processing

Yes, I’ve almost finished a technical book about data pre-processing. I’ve always written fiction books (see my Amazon author page), so I’ve decided to use this skill now, as a data science teacher. I hope I can publish this book before the end of the year.


Of course, I’ll keep giving online webinars to you all. I love teaching through webinars and I’m glad you like it too.

So, I’m planning all this stuff for the near future. If you want to stay informed about these topics, please subscribe to my newsletter or join my Facebook Group.

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