One to one coaching

If you need closer support from a teacher, I give one-to-one coaching sessions using video conference tools.

All lessons will take place remotely via video call using the webcam and screen sharing. This mode allows you to maintain a high level of interaction and active participation.

The lessons will be held using Zoom Meetings and Google Colab. The language will be either Italian or English.

I suggest to contact me for a first free call in order to explain to me your goals and needs. Then we’ll build a training path together.

Use the following form to explain what you want to learn. I’ll reply via e-mail as soon as possible.

Book a free lesson

The purpose of the first meeting is to share the student's needs, his background and the topics he wants to focus on, so that I can draw up a personalized training plan estimate and quotation, both in terms of content and methods and objectives.‚Äč

Book a 1-hour video lesson

This is the standard, 1-hour video lesson of my coaching program. It takes place with Zoom Meetings. After you have registered, you'll be able to book a lesson using a calendar.

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