One to one coaching

If you need closer support from a teacher, I give one-to-one coaching sessions using video conference tools.

All lessons will take place remotely via video call using the webcam and screen sharing. This mode allows you to maintain a high level of interaction and active participation.

The lessons will be held using Zoom Meetings and Google Colab. The language will be either Italian or English.

I suggest to contact me for a first free call in order to explain to me your goals and needs. Then we’ll build a training path together.

Schedule a 30-minute Zoom call

Schedule a Zoom call to get in touch and talk about your goals and needs.

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Why hire a data science tutor?

A tutor can help you with a custom training program, follows you during your learning path and makes the learning curve suitable to your needs. In other words, a tutor helps you and teaches you in the best way possible for you.

What benefits will I have with one-to-one lessons?

With my training program, I guide you through a custom path. You don’t need to follow me, because I lead you and adapt to your learning speed. This is the major benefit of a custom training program with a professional teacher. 

Is one-to-one coaching better than recorded online courses?

It depends. I give online courses too, but I think that the best way to learn something is through live interaction between the students and the teacher. If you want to manage your time and save money, online courses are a great tool. But if you want to learn properly and become a professional data scientist, then you need a professional teacher that helps you achieve this goal. And this is your own goal, so it deserves a training path that is tailored to you.

What happens during the 30-minute call, exactly?

During our free 30-minute Zoom call we’ll discuss your needs, what you want to study and why and your current background. I’ll then suggest my best learning program for you, giving you an approximate idea of how many hours it should be made of. Then, if you are satisfied, we can schedule the first lesson. After the first hour together, I’ll be able to measure your learning speed and send you a custom training program with the exact amount of hours it will be made of. It’s not a pre-defined template, it’s a custom training offer just for you.

How much does it cost?

The price of my lessons is 60 € per hour. You can pay with Paypal or SEPA bank transfer (if you live in EU). The lessons are paid in advance.

It's very high. Why should I pay you such a high price?

Because I give you a customized training program that is made around you and not around me. I must be sure to give you the best training possible. That’s why it has this price.

Finally, I’m a professional teacher, a data scientist and an author of several articles about data science and machine learning. I have applied this knowledge in my job for years and I have been Top Writer in Artificial Intelligence category in I’m not a scam. I give what I promise and what, according to my experience, is necessary to you to become a better professional.

How are lessons held?

We’ll meet on Zoom (I’ll create a link for you) or on another tool you may feel more comfortable with and, according to what you want to learn, you’ll share your screen with me. You won’t need to keep your camera switched on, but I will. Then I’ll guide you through the lesson. You’ll write the code I tell you and make practically what I say. I’ll explain every single line of code and why we are writing it. In this practical way, you’ll learn better. This is true even if we don’t have to work with code and use no-code tools. Sometimes I may show you some slides for the theoretical part of the lessons, but most of our work will be practical. At the end of the lesson, I’ll give you some exercises you can do by yourself between this lesson and the following. We’ll then discuss them in the next lessons. Doing this homework will make you learn better with practical exercises rather than theoretical videos.

Can I record the lessons?

Yes, I allow my students to record the lessons. Of course, with the agreement to not distribute the videos to anybody else and use them only for your education.

I have other friends/colleagues that want to learn. Do you offer group coaching?

Yes, I offer group coaching at a discounted price. We’ll discuss everything in the 30-minute call.

Schedule a 30-minute Zoom call

Schedule a Zoom call to get in touch and talk about your goals and needs.

Schedule now