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Here you can find my online courses about Data Science and Machine Learning.

The purpose of these courses is to give a complete overview of a data science project and help the students become professional and skilled data scientists.

All the courses are practical, contain several examples and they are sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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exploratory data analysis in python

Exploratory Data Analysis in Python

All the necessary explorations and visualizations to be applied to a dataset before applying any algorithm.

Data pre-processing for Machine Learning in Python

Data pre-processing for machine learning in Python

Before applying any algorithm, we need to transform our dataset to make the information easily accessible by a model. Pre-processing is a set of techniques that help us transform a dataset in several ways to make our models work better.

Supervised Machine Learning in Python

Supervised Machine Learning in Python

All the most common models in supervised machine learning with practical examples in Python. Then, the performance metrics used to measure the performance of a model. Finally, feature importance calculation using several techniques (e.g. SHAP) and dimensionaity reduction using Recursive Feature Elimination.

Feature importance and model selection in Python

How to calculate the importance of the features, how to interpret the model results and how to reduce the dimensionality of our dataset by removing the useless features.

Statistics and Data Analysis witn Excel

Basic and advanced statistics, correlation, regression, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and database operations using Excel.