Online lessons on Machine Learning and data analysis

I am a Data Scientist who has been working for years in large companies and I provide online courses about Machine Learning, R, Python, data analysis and SQL language. My goal is to train experienced and skilled Data Scientists who can become competitive in the business world.

Training offer

The training offer is divided into the following topics

  • Machine Learning
  • Python language
  • R language
  • Statistics and data analysis
  • E/R modeling and SQL language

How are lessons held?

During the lessons, there will be a strong interaction between the teacher and the student. Lessons can be held individually or in groups and will take place online via video call. You can, therefore, take them directly from home with an Internet connection and a PC.

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Well good and well explained. More free webinar.
Maria Vercida G. Gonzalvo
Webinar attendee
Excellent teacher
Mariella Vagnoni
Webinar attendee
I came across some of Gianluca's articles on in finance area and I confirm that the guy is really professional
Antonio Mangione
Youtube user
Great Article! Thank you so much for sharing! I feel like these valuable articles shouldnt be free! Lots of love from Turkey!
Medium user
Thank you for sharing your methodology; the use of statistical tests was very necessary and clever!
Amir Khatibi
Medium user
Gianluca is a great and passionate professionist and he really master all the concepts he explain. Absolutely recommended!
Giuseppe Dejan Lucido
Webinar attendee
The webinar was very interesting and useful. I studied a lot of new things which I didn't know. The teacher explained everything clearly. Milena
Webinar attendee
It was an useful webinar and I enjoyed it because most machine learning courses don't approach the part of data pre-proccessing.
Ana Munteanu
Webinar attendee
It broaden my knowledge and the Q.A helps me a lot to understand the Data-science. I am still newbie and studying about machine learning
Kromwell Dane Capiña
Webinar attendee

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