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What people say about me

I met Gianluca online for some Python lessons. I started from scratch, but Gianluca introduced me to this fantastic world. Patient, super prepared and precise! Really a great teacher! Recommended!


Gianluca is an excellent teacher. I followed some online lessons with him and I found myself very well. Clear and understandable presentation, supported by valid and effective collaborative work tools. Highly recommended!


Compared to previous experiences or external courses, I notice a higher quality of teaching, with an optimal balance between the fundamental practical part and the theoretical insights that, I believe, are of great value for any subsequent insights. In summary, I would define Gianluca as a real professional teacher.


Who am I?

I'm Gianluca. I'm a Data Scientist working for years for a large Italian company and I give online lessons  on Machine Learning, R, Python, data analysis and SQL. My goal is to train skilled Data Scientists who can become competitive in several industries.