Free Workshop – Feature importance in machine learning

I’m glad to introduce my new free online workshop about feature importance in machine learning.

In this workshop, feature importance in supervised machine learning is presented both in theory and in practice using Python programming language and its powerful scikit-learn library.

This workshop will cover these topics:

  1. What is feature importance?
  2. Models that calculate feature importance
  3. Recursive Feature Elimination without cross-validation
  4. Recursive Feature Elimination with cross-validation

This workshop will be given remotely and streaming using LiveWebinar platform, which works on every updated internet browser. No installation is then required.

The duration is about 60 minutes.

The speaker will show some slides for the theoretical part of the content and will write code during the event using Google Colaboratory for the practical part.

Participants can engage with the teacher and the other students using the online chat function near the video on the event page.

The source code written by the speaker will be given to the participants. Attendance certificate will be given to participants attending the entire event.

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